Furniture made Just for you
Furniture made Just for you

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Everyone has different needs, tastes and desires.  It's hard to find exactly what you want, so many end up compromising.  We don't think you should do have to do that.


We design, create, and build custom furniture specially for you.


To view order premade product online click here.

Featured Projects

Any pet lover wants their dog on the bed to cuddle with right? Well, we have the answer.  Here is a footboard that doubles as a ramp for your loved ones.  It has a non-slip mat covering the entire top to help with sure footing and was stained to match the other furniture.  But wait, that's not all.  The ramp lifts and creates storage inside for all the their toys and necessities.

These knife holders are aproximately 18" long by 2" high and 7/8" thick.  The construction of the knife strip makes it look like a singe piece of wood.  Furthermore, the magnets are placed such that there is a continuous magnet field, meaning no zones.  Since the strip is all wood, your knives are protected from dings and nicks.


You can order these and other premade product online by clicking here.

Standup Paddle boarding is excellent exercise.  It's even just a good way to get out on a lake and enjoy the outdoors in a peaceful and relaxing way.  Some even do yoga on them.  What ever your pleasure, mine is perfect for it and looks much nicer than the foam boards you can buy that are mass produced.  It's fine furnature that floats.

This beautiful board is hollow core, 11' 1" long and 31" wide, and is made of cedar.  It weighs about 45 pounds.

If you have a black and white picture that I can print through my inkjet printer, I can add it to your board to help personalize it just for you.

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