Furniture made Just for you
Furniture made Just for you

The Process

The process of buying a piece of handmade furniture that is specifically designed to fit your needs or tastes can be very exciting. A better understanding of this process will help you to achieve exactly what you imagine in your new piece with a minimum of effort.

To insure this happens, we follow this process:

  • You tell us the design concept you are interested in.   Include as many specifications as you have, including any required dimensions, color, wood type, etc.  During this process we will bring our experience in an interactive discussion to help formulate the concept.
  • We will make a drawing of the piece(s) you want along with a price.  This is to confirm and memorialize what you want.
  • We purchase the quality material needed and let the wood climatize to minimize the wood movement after being built.
  • We will then build your unique piece of furniture as described.

We look forward to serving you and your needs and will always strive to exceed your expectations.

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